Adult Watercolor Series (Ages18+)

Adult Watercolor Series (Ages18+)

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Wednesdays, 10am-12pm

April 12 - May 3 (4 week series)

Ages 18+

$325/person, includes all materials 

Instructor: Dani Loujo  

In this class I teach my signature layering technique for creating evocative, atmospheric watercolor landscapes. Learn the fundamental and intermediate techniques of watercolor painting that can be applied to any subject! Over the course of four week we’ll dive deeply into key concepts surrounding painting, such as composition, value and simple color theory.


About the Instructor:

 When Dani was nearly ten years old, she and her family moved to the United States from the Netherlands. Growing up so far from her homeland and life-long community challenged her to discover herself within a constant search for belonging. 

Spirituality and the search for answers to big existential questions have offered her a place of refuge. As a student and practitioner of several different spiritual lineages, Dani sees the world, and thus her creative process, through a contemplative lens. 

For about five years now, Dani has been creating evocative paintings in a multitude of media that transcend ordinary ways of seeing the world. She uses an array of carefully mixed earth tones to capture nostalgic landscapes that have an evocative, dreamlike atmosphere. Rather than seeking to reflect the exact likeness of any given geographical location, Dani leans into the emotional tone that envelops our memory of places and our time with them.  

Dani’s work has been exhibited in a handful of Colorado galleries. She sells her work online and at The New Local. She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado with her partner and stepdaughter.