Ceramic Paint Pallet Workshop with Bridget Dorr (Ages 18+)

Ceramic Paint Pallet Workshop with Bridget Dorr (Ages 18+)

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Saturday, October 21st, 


$125/person, includes all materials

Instructor: Bridget Dorr 

This class will be held in The New Local Annex, located a few doors west of the gallery at 713 Pearl St. 

This 1-day clay hand-building workshop is for all interested in making custom ceramic paint pallets this fall. Join Bridget Dorr, a local professional ceramic artist, in creating beautiful and functional paint pallets of your own!

This workshop will include instruction to create 4 custom ceramic pieces:

  • A Paint Pallet
  • Water cup
  • Paintbrush stand
  • Mini-paint pallet for on-the-go painting en plein air

We'll use clay slab rolling and carving techniques to make our wares in this one-day workshop. All pieces will be fired and glazed for participants. Pick-up will be 4-6 weeks out to allow ample time for parts to dry, be fired & glazed.