Petite Picassos Painting Class (Ages 5-10)

Petite Picassos Painting Class (Ages 5-10)

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Tuesdays, April 4- May 23 (8 Weeks)


Ages 5-10

$325 per student per session, Includes all materials 

Instructor: Kristen Abbott

This 8-week class will facilitate an art making experience that is less formulaic and more explorative while providing the structure and tools needed to create art that feels authentic to the expression of the artist. This organic process is how I learned to paint from an early age and how I have taught my own daughters to create.

-Kristen Abbott

What your student will learn:

Your artist will learn to create interesting and intuitive artwork using differences in value, tone, hard lines, organic shapes and color pairings. They will learn about color families and how to mix colors that don’t turn into “mud’. They will play with different tools to inspire intuitive mark making while adding layers and depth to their work. Students will have the opportunity to practice, play, and make “mistakes” on paper before beginning a project on stretched canvas that will span the last 3 classes. This canvas project will come home varnished and framed—ready to proudly hang on the wall! 

A little bit about Kristen:

Kristen is an abstract, mixed media artist who has been painting her whole life and professionally for the last 12 years. She has two daughters ages 8 and 5 who have grown up participating in daily studio activities. Kristen has learned through years of practical experience how to invite children into the creative process in a way that leaves room for them to explore and shed the need for everything to turn out “perfect” while also developing an eye for what makes a painting work. She is used to cleaning up messes and embraces them as part of the process.

On that note, Please send your child in clothes that are ok to get covered in paint!