Beaux Supply

Meet Shelby your oil Alchemist. 
Behind Beaux, Shelby Gray is a skincare oil loving guru who has always been crafting and making potions for friends and loved ones. Her background as an esthetician in Boulder, CO led her down the path of working with all kinds of skin types and different concerns people had. The dry climate in Colorado led her to find oil in her everyday routine to help combat the dry climate and find a skincare regime that would last her throughout the day. Friends asked for refills and so it began!
Not only the journey of finding the right oil for ones skin was her purpose, but also was the whole experience from smell, touch and feel once applied. Shelby has her own rituals that she does daily and wanted to share her ritual of simply oil. It can be so powerful one drop can transform ones skin and the essential oils she chooses to heal and strengthen also have the aromatherapy experience that can invoke feelings and emotions that can heal from the inside.
She resides in Boulder happily with her 2 daughters that inspire her daily and her very fluffy white dog, Ranger (yes, he is from Texas).