Oracles & Odes: Tapping into the oracle to write our way home (Ages 18+)

Oracles & Odes: Tapping into the oracle to write our way home (Ages 18+)

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Class offered every other month on the first Sunday:

  • February 4th, 5-7pm 
  • April 7th, 5-7pm 
  • June 2nd, 5-7pm 

Sign up for just one class or come more than once

$55/person per class, decks will be available for optional purchase

*Sliding fee scale available for this class, please email for more information

Instructor: Elizabeth Marglin

This class will be held at The New Local Annex, 713 Pearl St. 


In Oracles & Odes, we will mix it up, using oracle cards as writing prompts to guide us toward the shift we need to make in our lives. Oracles can serve as a timely, synchronistic prompts from the universe—they hold important clues about our lives. The cards, and the uncensored, divinatory free-writing that ensues, will serve as a springboard to midwife the truth that comes hot off the press of our hearts. Through our pens, kismet, and community, we will orient our way back to a vibrant connection to spirit. After a guided inquiry and free-write round, we will use a variety of techniques to move our source texts to condensed, crafted poems. This alchemical process demands that we are loving witness to ourselves and those around us. In this class, we are invited to express whatever emerges and invite its belonging. The we distill and condense till we find at least one clear fragment that fits. Writing becomes the road we companion ourselves home on.

No writing experience required, just a willingness to articulate whatever hurts and whatever enlivens.

About the instructor: Elizabeth Marglin is a lover of depths and an appreciator of horizons. The sacred, as anchor and compass, has been her most loyal companion, taking her on a decade-long wild ride throughout India in her twenties. This was followed by an equally mystical journey—cleverly disguised as the prosaic—through the trenches and peaks of motherhood. She is most recently the coauthor of The Wild & Sacred Feminine Deck, as well as journalist, writer and poet. She writes regularly for Yoga JournalSpirituality & Health, AARP, and more. She currently hosts a monthly poetry series in Lyons called Bread & Poetry and leads writing circles and workshops designed to stoke & invoke a sacred intimacy with ourselves and the world around us.