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As The New Local's latest Artist-in-Residence, Beth Van De Water brings a moving, evocative and diverse collection of work to The New Local's Annex. The Colorado native's exhibition "Los Corazones" features an array of handcrafted embroidered pieces steeped in both South American and European traditions.Her exhibition includes stirring paintings, anatomical-heart fabric sculptures, dioramas, porcelain sculptures, jewelry and more. Inspired by the resiliency and tenderness of the human heart, Beth creates layered work that speaks to the human condition and sparks a range of emotions in viewers.

Fueled by the desire to elevate women's textile arts, Beth continues to invite others to take part in her weekly sewing circles where conversation and creativity flow. 

"The work is all about courage, grief, love, forgiveness, fear and fearlessness," Beth says of Los Corazones. "It's about our journey as humans in this beautiful and complicated world." 
*Check back Friday, November 17th, to view or purchase any artwork in Los Corazones Exhibit*
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