Anellabees Honey Candies originated as a mother-daughter passion project in 2017, when Danielle and her daughter, Anella, began testing hard candy recipes in their kitchen using an old confectionery press from the 1880s. The goal was simple: create a honey-based candy that everyone in the family would love, free of the unnecessary ingredients found in most confections.
Meet Anella, who shares a family name with her adventure-loving grandpapa, Aniello. Ever the explorer, Anella is a naturalist at heart and a mini beekeeper extraordinaire! She's been helping her parents look after their hives since the age of two and loves dreaming up new ways to care for her bees and share her fondness for honey and homemade candy with her family and friends. After all, Anella knows that there's nothing better than a treat made by bees, enjoyed with the ones you love.