WELCOME to the inaugural term of our new space at 741 Pearl St, in Downtown Boulder! 

Below you'll find some information and an application form.

 See you there! 💕 The New Local 

* Each juried term lasts six months; our first term runs Nov. 2022- April 2023.

* Each artist keeps 70% of her respective earnings. The remaining 30% goes towards operational costs of the space. 

* TNL has a designated gallery director; creators are not obligated to work in the gallery space.

* Gallery Hours: 10-6, Tues-Sat. 12-5 Sun. 

* Members have access to a designated workshop space and opportunities to teach within the broader community if desired. 

*Each artist is invited to assist the curation of her work, within an allotted gallery space. TNL board reserves the right to creative and curatorial authority and will grant artists' requests as we can.

* Application due EOD, Oct. 21st. Juried artists announced Oct. 24th.

* Each creator will be a ‘Featured Artist’ for one month during the term; (4-5 featured artists/month).   

*Featured artists receive spotlights on all social platforms & are part of a group gallery opening on the First Friday of each month.

*In return, TNL looks to work with Featured Artists of any given month to host workshops, mentor aspiring creators and/or participate in community outreach programs.

* Creators of any and all art, craft and design disciplines are welcome to apply.  We love vintage! However, TNL does not currently represent repurposed work ~ nor do we represent women who sell the work of other makers.