Letting go of fixed ideas, letting go of certainty encourages curiosity and a willingness to embrace paradox. It is not the “why” but rather “why not” and “what if” that sparks Ashton Lacy’s mischievous approach to art making. She begins her work never knowing how it may turn out. A line might suggest a shape, a shape may influence a color. Or, what if she tried this, or what happens when...

However, what is “fixed” in her work is a strong love of color and desire to encourage the viewer to take a second look. A love of luminosity and light led her to the use of encaustic as her primary medium. Ashton Lacy Jones expresses her inspiration through mixed media enhanced with photographic silk-screened images printed directly onto the wax (encaustic medium) or printed on washi papers and used as collage with additions of pigmented encaustic, pan pastels, oil paint, watercolor, and a bit of “mischief”. The transparency of the encaustic allows you to see each work as a whole and to peek through to see the various layers.
Retired from the law, Ashton Lacy Jones has worked exclusively as an artist for the last eleven years. Ashton Lacy is a founding member of D’art Gallery, Denver, past President of the Board for Arts Longmont and a featured artist at R Gallery, Boulder. She has served on the board of a local art nonprofit and as a volunteer at the Dairy Arts Center and the Denver Art Museum. Her work has won several awards and was presented at the 16th Annual International Encaustic Conference Key Note Speaker’s address, “Merging and Contrasting Printing and Painting in Encaustic” given by Jeffrey Hirst, 2023. Her work is also in the permanent collection of the Museum of Encaustic Art in Santa Fe, NM. She creates in her Longmont studio, Boneyard Arts.