Becky Pollard

Artist Bio
Denver-based artist Becky Pollard is a multidisciplinary maker and stylist. Her work imbues her flawless style, keen eye for detail and penchant for bold accessories. Through mixed mediums, Becky is not afraid to experiment and develop pieces that are as unique as her clients. 
Becky holds a BS in Interior Design from the University of Tennessee. Her influences come from modern interiors, spatial harmony and chic palettes. She has designed award-winning interiors for clients around the southeast and mountain regions of the United States. 
Artist Statement
As a tactile person by nature, I have always had a creative flair and delight in making. My art celebrates the inherent properties of materials, resulting in pieces that are as individual as the mediums I explore. My pieces are intended to bring a sense of character to your home and personal style by injecting warmth, texture and color to style your space. 
My process often begins with a sketch idea, which serves as a reference point for my final design. Applying techniques from my training as an interior designer, I take a considered approach as I select the appropriate materials, colors and textures. Once a piece begins to take shape, I let the creativity flow, often getting lost in the process and letting the materials guide me so the piece takes on a personality of its own.