Bee + Rose

BEE + ROSE was born in the garden when my daughters, Katie Bee and Annie Rose, left for college. I love creating and have always found pleasure in crafting beautiful things from simple ingredients. The scents and textures of BEE + ROSE represent light and life to me: an added dash of love to the good things the earth already gives.
My background is in business & marketing, but I always enjoyed creating things, working in the garden and cooking.  Bee + Rose was a way to combine all three things I love to do. I love working with natural ingredients, essential oils, nature - and how the combinations can literally change your mood, or the mood of a room.  My husband (pictured below) is my greatest supporter, fan and sometimes critic.  If I'm not creating, I'm out hiking in the Boulder mountains with him and our dear golden retriever.
-Trish Koval, Creator of Bee + Rose