Carey Reynolds


I like to call my photographs Floral Verses as they transcend for me, mere images of plants and flowers, becoming poems that speak to the depths of the human experience. I craft visual narratives that resonate on an emotional level, connecting us to the intricate tapestry of the human experience through the lens of plants, from the roots, to the leaves and the flowers.

Each photograph is a verse in this poem of life, capturing the myriad emotions and feelings we encounter along our journey. From the tender innocence and hope of spring flowers in bloom to the poignant beauty of fading petals, every image whispers a tale of connection and loss, hope and longing, joy and sorrow. Images that echo what is in our hearts, our dreams, inviting us to embrace the fullness of our experience and find solace in the poetry of existence.

Though I am originally from the Washington DC area, I have lived in Colorado for 30 years, and studied Fine Arts at CU Boulder. I have used various mediums over the years and developed a love for photography quite by accident and out of the realization that it was a relatively simple tool that I could use to make real visually, my own personal internal experience. I owe my appreciation for plants and flowers to my Mother, who loved to garden. In the end, photography has become part of my daily routine, and has allowed me to be present in a way that nothing else has and this practice has allowed me over time to develop and trust my inner eye.