Chiraz Dor

Chiraz Dor is a young artist based in Louisville, Colorado. Her key mediums and techniques include pointillism, fine ink work, pencil sketching, and painting. Chiraz creates her works using her unique combination of synesthesias, and this special ability of hers is at the heart of the uniqueness of her pieces. Chiraz's work has recently been selected for showcasing in the 34th Issue of Artistonish magazine, as well as in the Gallerium Art Prize international online group exhibition of 2023.
"Art has always spoken to me; literally. The shapes and lines that I draw are alive to me. I have synesthesia, a cross-wiring of senses in my brain. Because of this, shapes have personalities and voices, words have taste, letters have color and math has texture. The personalities of the shapes I draw dictate how they fit together in my works; they tell me where they want to be. I believe this to be the reason why I have always enjoyed creating abstract art; it is a co-creation that both myself and the shapes themselves work together to produce. These three abstract drawings are some of the most intricate and detailed of these co-creations that I have ever given rise to."