Cindi Yaklich

I am an explorer and storyteller, uncovering the richness and inherent beauty within the quiet, everyday objects that often escape notice. In my art, each object becomes a gateway to exploring the intricate fabric of our reality, where light and texture weave together as the warp and weft of our world. These seemingly ordinary pieces, nestled in the corners of our lives, carry silent histories that my canvas transforms into open books.


Working with traditional oil paint on extra-fine linen canvas from Belgium, I pay homage to the rich tradition of realist art. Through this process, I aim to illuminate how these histories are refashioned and retold. These objects, whether in their wholeness or fragmented state, contribute to the solidity of our shared reality. My artistic journey, intertwined with the audience, unfolds new stories filled with unexpected twists and turns. It is through the telling and retelling that we collaboratively enrich and solidify our understanding of this world, making it a little more real together.