Debra Jason (Creative Whispers of the Heart)

Debra Jason started college as a fine arts major. However, after one semester she changed direction because at that time, in her mind, as an abstract artist she felt she couldn’t draw a person, landscape, still life, etc. Fast forward decades later when she discovered the medium and magic of alcohol inks.
While she may have an idea in mind when she begins to paint, she finds that the inks have a mind of their own that lead her creativity in a surprising direction. The medium has empowered her to let go of the pursuit for perfection and let imperfection lead the way while listening to the creative whispers of her heart.
Having lived on the island of Kaua`i for 10 years, the varied colors that capture the flow of the ocean often inspire her work along with the beauty of flowers and nature. Each vibrant piece is unique onto itself. The objective of Debra’s art is that it not only speaks to you, but inspires and brings you joy. She hopes you take pride in owning a special piece that captures the creative whispers of your heart.