Demry Frankenheimer

Growing up in Pennsylvania, Demry traveled to Colorado where she discovered the beauty and wild landscapes of the Midwest by way of her grandparents’ camper. In High School she knew that Colorado would become her home and in 1982 relocated to Boulder to attend the University of Colorado where in 1987 she received her B.S. in Environmental Design.  Immediately following graduation, she was offered a job at Hewlett Packard as a Design Engineer to observe the office environment its influences employee’s behavior and performance. Following a variety of successful implementations, she returned to graduate school and in 2001 received her M.F.A. with a focus on emotive installations and sculptures. 
Active in her community she has implemented and taught school art programs, volunteered at a variety of local art programs and participated in the Boulder Open Studios Tour where she was honored to receive the People’s Choice Award and in 2021 the NOBO Art District People’s Choice Award.
 Demry resides in Boulder County with her husband and two children where she works at Art Parts, a nonprofit creative reuse center and continues to appreciate and connect with Colorado’s beauty by hiking, biking and climbing the occasional tree.
“This connection and appreciation for the natural world offers a place to emotionally process life, my studio provides a place to express it.”