Gillian Sargeant


Gillian was born in Peebles, Scotland and studied Art and Illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England in the UK.
She studied fine art, painting, at Coventry University, England, then continued training in illustration at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, England under the painter Thomas Newbolt, illustrators Jane Human, Allan Drummond. She was awarded a Masters degree MFA at Brighton School of Art.
This gave her a love of the narrative interpretation, but not being fully convinced she was an illustrator, went on to pursued fine art once again, always being drawn to life drawing and Atelier classical approach. After having taken a long hiatus to raise children, she recently continued training in Eastern Orthodox iconography and it gave her an interest in the ancient technique of layering translucent color and also depth of meaning and complexity of message they convey. Her studies then took her to Italy where she studied under Vincent Deciderio, the modern master of the Velatura technique. Gillian is evolving continually as she pursues mastery in representational figurative work seeing where these decades of learning take her. She finds studying these ancient techniques, classical and Byzantine open inexhaustible inspiration for her art. Her biggest influences are Singer Sargent, Marc Chagall, Velasquez, Pre-raphaelites for the mythical ethereal, Titian and Reubens.

Recent study:
2023 apprenticeship under Daniel Sprick , Denver CO
2019, training under Vincent Deciderio in Italy 2020: Oil painter of America’s signature artist Robin Cole
Boulder Atelier 2018 Exhibitions:
Artshows: London, Covent Garden 1992.
Solo Exhibition : CORE Gallery 2014
Our Neighbors Ourselves, Denver CO, 2012
Project Worthmore Denver ONO 2014, second place Project Worthmore ONO 2015, first place peoples choice Our Neighbors ourselves 2016,
Zeel:awareness through art Denver:2016
Zeel:awareness through art Denver: 2017
Zeel:awareness through art Denver: 2018
Zeel and Denver artists: indivisible Expressions of Union and Divide 2018 Denver artist: the Space Between summer 2020 29 Artists: Denver 2020
Royal Society of British Artist Annual Exhibition, Mall Galleries, London, 2021