Karina Vogt

Karina Vogt is a multi-disciplinary artist from Colorado, known for her captivating work in various creative realms. As a fine art painter, she conjures fantastical versions of abstract realism. Her mastery extends beyond the paintbrush, as she crafts intricate pieces through fine beadwork and mesmerizing jewelry design. In addition to working full time as an artist, Karina practices Muscle Activation Techniques, a manual form of neuromuscular therapy. Studying anatomy and the complex workings of the human nervous system greatly inform her art practice and the way she perceives the world of nature with its overlapping patterns. 
In her earlier years, Karina trained in ballet and West African dance styles in Portland Oregon and New York City where she danced in professional  companies Kolomashi and Magbana Drum and Dance NYC. Karina lived in New York City for 21 years before returning to Colorado where she currently lives in the mountains outside of Boulder and works from her mountain studio.