Lily McAlpin

Artist I Adventurer I Film Photographer 
Lily McAlpin is a contemporary landscape artist based in Boulder, Colorado. Despite being a self-taught artist, she has been creating art since her childhood, exploring a wide range of mediums, including film photography, printmaking, digital art, ceramics, and now primarily focusing on landscape painting.
Lily's artistic process is profoundly influenced by her immersion in the natural world. As she traverses the trails, the repetition of her feet and the rhythm of her breath become part of her being. In the studio, Lily translates these memories and experiences onto canvas. The repetition of her hand echoes the repetition of her feet on the trails, and her paintings capture the essence of her time spent in nature. Her work is a celebration of the majesty of the mountains, the sweeping vistas, and the ever-changing moods of the natural world. For Lily, the completion of the painting signifies the culmination of the adventure, with the two experiences inextricably linked.
Lily's expeditions to the alpine wilderness often include her trusty film camera, and she draws inspiration from her grainy film photos, which often ignite the creative process. Photography has played a significant role in her artistic approach, informing her use of composition, contrast, tonality, and often the unexpected quirks of film photography.
Her artwork has gained a following across the United States, with collectors frequently remarking on the serene and nostalgic atmosphere that her paintings evoke. Lily's artwork is available for purchase on her website, at her Boulder studio, and at select fine art festivals throughout the year.