Mayda Atelier

Mayda Atelier is founded by Laura Lambrecht, who was blessed to grow up in Boulder with an artist and architect as her parents. Creativity has always been a significant part of Laura’s life. Whether playing the piano, dancing, embroidering, drawing, or sewing, she has always valued the ability to express herself through the arts. Fashion has long been a passion and she has much experience working in various aspects of the fashion industry. 
Mayda Atelier is a new chapter for Laura inspired by the desire to create beauty with existing textiles. She is deeply disturbed by the damage the traditional fashion industry has caused our planet and its people through “Fast Fashion” and the use of chemicals in dyes & fabrics (to name a few). Laura is committed to using sustainable methods like natural dye, repurposing materials, designing with as little waste as possible, and more. It is essential to her that Mayda Atelier creates beauty in all aspects of the term.
The exquisite details and artistry of vintage tablecloths, quilts, lacework, and floral hankies are her inspiration. Mending textiles is part of the process in reusing. Laura considers threads to be the blood veins of the cloth and embraces them in her Mayda Atelier designs. Her hope with each creation is that it will be cherished and adored for many, many years.