Michelle Polizzi

Michelle Polizzi is a multidisciplinary artist and designer, drawing inspiration from ritual, ceremony, and our profound connection to the earth and the sacred. Her unwavering passion fuels her creative process as she delves deep into these themes in her work, with a profound commitment to channeling the spirit of the plants into her art, unveiling their true nature.
Botanical dyed textiles stand as one of Michelle's primary mediums. She embarks on a journey with each piece, driven by her curiosity and fascination with extracting vibrant colors from plants. Her approach involves sourcing wild, foraged, and homegrown plants and flowers, skillfully transforming them into dyes. Through techniques like ice dyeing, dye baths, and steaming, she breathes life into silk, linen, and canvas, which become the foundation for her wearable goods, kitchen textiles, and wall art.
Michelle's artistic repertoire extends to ceramics, guided by her unwavering desire to explore clay's limitless potential. Her unique handbuilt style and inclusion of experimental textures reflect her quest to create handmade pieces that harmonize with the natural world. Her creations exude an organic essence, as though they were unearthed from nature itself.
Michelle Polizzi's work is a testament to her deep reverence for the world's inherent beauty. Through her multidisciplinary approach, she encourages contemplation of the profound interplay between ritual, nature, and human expression.