Natasha Mistry


Natasha Mistry describes the act of painting as an

adventure into one’s quiet, intuitive inner world. 

The artist’s abstract ink drawings, oil paintings, and

watercolors activate the sacred space of the

subconscious. Mistry is inspired by the remarkable

similarities between the geometric patterns found in

the natural world and those she observes during

meditation. Her colorful and vibrant works are as

lively and playful as they are meditative and still.

She follows an intuitive creative process and invites

viewers to be present and attuned to the experience of

interpreting what they see. Mistry’s graphic and

sometimes minimalist abstractions are unique, personal

expressions of color, pattern, and saturation.

Mistry’s recent shows include her solo show Imaginearia curated by Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Contemplation at The Dairy Arts Center, Sacred Geometries and Museum at Seidel City. Mistry’s works are exhibited and collected internationally across The U.K, Europe, South Korea, South America and the USA. 

Past clients include Ernst and Young, BMoCA, Cobra Beer, Drop Music, Westminster Council, and schools in the UK and South Korea.

Mistry has worked with acclaimed interior designers such as Sarah Vaile Design and Nathan Turner. Mistry’s collectors include stars of the silver screen, film directors and entertainment moguls.