Noelle Miller

Noelle Miller is an abstract artist living and working in Colorado. She graduated with a BFA in drawing from Colorado State University in 2013 after which she moved to North Carolina to pursue her artistic dream in Asheville’s River Arts District. Now back in Colorado, she continues to show in various galleries, sell work online, creates label artwork, licenses her work and creates commissions for both private and corporate clients. 
Noelle’s abstract works transport viewers into ecosystems built up through complex layers, bold colors and varied textures guided by the overall process and materials. As environments are fragmented, layered and blossoming, so are the marks and textures she makes while creating these worlds. The challenge is to never be literal but to capture the essence and emotion of what is trying to be uncovered. She primarily works with acrylic paint and includes an assortment of mixed media materials in bother her 2D and 3D works.