Roberta Walbert


I recall being fascinated by the interaction between design, colored glass and light since I was a very young child, watching glass blowers work their magic or glowing rainbows on walls from prisms in the sunshine. After working my way through various art forms, I stumbled upon stained glass mosaics in 2005 and knew I’d found my true heart’s calling. Endlessly intrigued by the interplay between sunlight and colored glass, I design most of my pieces to hang in windows where they feel almost alive as they change throughout the day with every shift in sunlight and weather.

An avid hiker in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, I glean many of my designs from my time in nature enjoying the incredible beauty of the alpine tundra that fills my soul. I incorporate these ideas into a round design, often called a mandala from Sanskrit meaning circle to offer balanced visual elements symbolizing unity and harmony. The purpose of gazing into a mandala is to absorb the mind in such a way that chattering thoughts cease, at least for a brief spell. I hope you find this to be true for you as you take a look at my current and future work!