Savanna LaBauve (SLAB Studios)


Savanna LaBauve is a multidisciplinary artist, designer, and detail seeker currently focused on creating objects with clay. She received her BFA in Studio Arts with concentrations in ceramics and painting/drawing from Louisiana State University in 2017. After completing a two-year ceramic residency program in 2019, Savanna has worked for various artists and art organizations in the Roaring Fork Valley and continues to pursue opportunities that sustain the creative vitality of her beloved town, Carbondale, CO. Most recently, Savanna was one of six honored recipients for the 2023-2024 Aspen Art Museum Fellowship. Her studio currently resides at Studio for Arts & Works, an artist workspace with 25+ makers of various mediums. This studio space is where she continues to investigate the power of multiples, develop a language of mark-making, and explore subtle variations of a limited color palette.

"I unearth and collect observations with strong intentions and distinct perceptions. I work at the median of opportunity and expression. I am an observer, an intermediary, and a maker of non-traditional drawings. The objects I create are translated observations, molded by hand, and imbued with the softness of touch. Creating these objects is necessary to quench my fascination with the layers in which we observe and omit the details of our surroundings. They are a record of time and a snapshot of happenstance."