The New Local Annex Presents


 by Natasha Mistry

Open February 2nd thru March 10th

See works in person at The New Local Annex, 713 Pearl St. 
Tuesdays 11am-3pm
Wednesdays 11am-4pm(Meet the Artist, 12-4pm)
Thursdays 11am-3pm
Fridays 11am-3pm
Saturdays & Sundays 11am-5pm (Meet the Artist)
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Tea Ceremony: Monday, 2/12 & Sunday, 2/18
Sound Bath: Saturday, 3/2

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"Superconscious" marks an exploration into the realms of heightened awareness and introspection, as envisioned by British-born artist, Natasha Mistry. This exhibition presents a collection of Mistry's latest works, delving into the nexus of art and the human psyche.Central to the exhibition are seven large-scale oil paintings, crafted using mica-infused and interference oil paint. These pieces are the embodiment of Mistry's meditative practice, where each stroke and hue emanates from a deep, contemplative state, seeking to bridge the gap between the conscious and the subconscious. The use of mica, a mineral known for its reflective qualities, adds a dimensional depth and shimmer, inviting viewers to experience a dynamic interaction as they move around the paintings. This choice of medium is significant, symbolizing the ever-changing perspectives and illuminations one encounters in the journey of self-awareness."Superconscious" is not merely an exhibition; it is an invitation to embark on a reflective journey. It’s a show that bridges the gap between the seen and the unseen, the known and the mysterious. Mistry's art acts as a catalyst, urging viewers to delve into their own psyche, to explore the deeper layers of their consciousness, and to confront the beauty and complexity of their inner world.


Natasha Mistry is a British artist currently residing in Boulder, Colorado. Natasha has exhibited in London, the USA, South Korea, and South America. She's had artist residencies in Andalucia, Spain, The Peruvian Amazon, and in educational institutions in England and South Korea. Her most recent solo show, "Imaginearia”, curated by the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, was recognized as one of the top shows of 2022 by Southwest Contemporary Magazine. Other recent exhibitions were “Sacred Geometries” at Seidel City and “Contemplation” at the Dairy Arts Center. Past clients include: Ernst and Young, Boulder Museum Of Contemporary Art, Cobra Beer, Drop Music, Westminster Council, Sarah Vaile Design and Nathan Turner.