Beth Van De Water


The New Local presents


by Beth Van De Water
Photo by Lindsdey Mazzaferro
Now through December 15th
The New Local Annex
713 Pearl St.
Opening Reception: Friday, November 17th, 5-9p.m.
Open Exhibition Hours: Wednesdays-Sundays, 11am-4pm
Join Beth for Sewing Circle: Thursdays, 1-3pm starting November 28th
Artist Talk: TBD

View or purchase artwork in LOS CORAZONES here

As The New Local's latest Artist-in-Residence, Beth Van De Water brings a moving, evocative and diverse collection of work to The New Local's Annex. The Colorado native's exhibition "Los Corazones" features an array of handcrafted embroidered pieces steeped in both South American and European traditions.Her exhibition includes stirring paintings, anatomical-heart fabric sculptures, dioramas, porcelain sculptures, jewelry and more. Inspired by the resiliency and tenderness of the human heart, Beth creates layered work that speaks to the human condition and sparks a range of emotions in viewers.
Fueled by the desire to elevate women's textile arts, Beth continues to invite others to take part in her weekly sewing circles where conversation and creativity flow. 
"The work is all about courage, grief, love, forgiveness, fear and fearlessness," Beth says of Los Corazones. "It's about our journey as humans in this beautiful and complicated world." 
During Día de los Muertos, Beth collaborated with members of local nonprofit El Centro Amistad . 
Artist Statement

It is only now, in my 50s, that I am fully waking up to a sense of limitlessness and the courage to enter the wildness of my own open, ecstatic heart.

I am a Colorado native interested in hidden beauty and the extraordinary change makers of the world. I believe art can drive movements, tell stories and shift perspectives. Art can give voice to the parts of ourselves begging to wake up, perhaps to revolt, perhaps to find solace, or perhaps to bravely nurture.  

I work with metal, textiles, paints and ceramic. The mediums make physical my personal story, one story of a woman walking this earth now, in this time of extraordinary change. I purposely include the traditionally female arts, integrating thread in many pieces, to bring attention to the rich history of the feminine.  Textiles also mend, protect, and wrap us in warmth. 

The heart theme of this set of pieces embodies the fertile binaries of our sex, time and humanity.

The hearts are bloody and beautiful, tough and tender, nature and nurture, faithful and explosive, metaphor and literal. I play with containment and how we explode outside our intended channels and constructs.

I hope my work resonates with women fighting to be seen and desiring to manifest power, instigating conversations and developing community.