Beth Van De Water

Photo by Bridget Dorr
I am a Colorado native with a passion to seek the hidden beauty and the extraordinary change makers of the world. Through my work I wish to drive movements, tell stories, and shift perspectives. Art is perhaps one of our greatest unifiers and teachers. Art heals.
Working in metal, sterling silver and 18k and 24k gold, is nothing short of magic. It is a thrill to cut it, solder it, draw on it, and form it into jewelry that will be worn and treasured.
Tearing canvas and linen, painting it and sewing it back together with hand dyed silk thread is at once destructive and healing. The pull and sound of tearing the fabric releases anxiety and anger. It is uncanny how it gives me a sense of strength. Then painting asks me to tell the story. The colors demand attention. The subject matter captivates my memories. Dying the thread evokes a wholesomeness. And finally sewing it together allows me to breath.
(All my work is made with recycled metals, conflict free gemstones and the highest environmental standards.)