Haley Kaplan

I am rooted in nature, as a human and creative.
I received a BFA in Graphic Design in 2022 from the University of Tampa. During my time there, I opened myself up to new opportunities. I found myself working in a Digital Fabrication lab. Here, I learned how to use 3D printers, laser cutters, vinyl machines, and many more digital tech softwares. I also had the opportunity to teach and assist other students and faculty members on how to use these machines to further their own exploration of process as artists.
Alongside my college career, I started to pursue freelance photography commercially while also developing my style as a nature photographer whenever I had a spare hour or two. This gave me the opportunity to land on a preferred vendors list for events throughout Tampa. I worked with a growing, yet tight knit, community of entrepreneurs and creators like myself. This industry allowed me to explore this career path that I'm excited to bring to Colorado.
I enjoy exploring as many creative avenues as my time allows. My current body of work on display at The New Local is part of an ongoing study. I explore the role of art and science in human culture.  I have been examining how these two forces interact and how they can be used to create a better understanding of our world, what it means to be human, and our inherent connection to nature. In my work as an artist, I have found that when science and art are combined, connections are created and new thought patterns emerge. This is because both art and science are rooted in similar forces from which we can draw inspiration.
Science is a way of looking at the world through objective eyes.
Art is a way of communicating our beliefs through visual images.
By utilizing these two areas in my work, I hope to wake people up to the ground we all belong to and showcase the powerful forces within nature shown through artful images backed by science.