Phyllis Savage

The common denominator of my work is a clarity borne of simplicity. My work derives from a basic foundation in physics and chemistry as well as artistic tradition. I studied the art, technology and craft of ceramics under renowned artists at Alfred University College of Ceramics, in Shigaraki, Japan, at the Haystack Mountain School, Hood College and the Archie Bray Foundation. My extensive international travels exposed me to a wealth of extraordinary ceramic art. The depth and diversity of these experiences have enabled me to incorporate a broad array of techniques and expression into my work.

My porcelains stretch the boundaries of the material to achieve elegant forms that have grace, balance and delicacy, while my stoneware forms are bolder, less restrained, more highly textured. My ceramic sculptures project a quiet beauty and power that derive from firmly grounded forms, clear, simple, fluid lines and minimally adorned surfaces.

My work has been exhibited in numerous museums and galleries in Japan, London and throughout the United States. In 2020 I moved my studio permanently to Boulder from Danbury, Connecticut.